Women's Voluntary Service.

It is believed this photo is of a mobile post women

Enamel badge for the Women's Home Defence

 A jam making session at a Women'​s Institutes somewhere on the East Coast.


​The Civil Defence of our Country took many forms during the war years.  Whilst the men and women fought overseas, the men and women left behind to keep the home fires burning made their choices and joined many volunteer groups from the ARP and National Fire Service [later to become conscripted] to the Women's Voluntary Service and the Women's Institute. We are seeking new members to help us with the portrayal of as many civil organisations as possible.  The local pub, not strictly civil defence, but nevertheless an important part of the community would be a great addition to our displays.  Interested, please enrol via this website or please use the telephone number provided. 

Women Voluntary Service, sorting clothing for those   unfortunately enough to loose their homes and belongings.

Timber Jills relaxing with their knitting

Recruiting poster for AFS.

Blackout time tonight being set by a member of the ARP.

Home Guard with a Smith Gun, location unknown.

​ Lord Woolton in 1941 visiting a feeding station in Sussex 

Mr Winston Churchill supports the St John Ambulance Service.